Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Maliki decides that Bush can wait.

Bush, al-Maliki Talks in Jordan Postponed

Iranian-backed cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who leads the Mehdi Army militia, carried out his threat to boycott parliament and Maliki's coalition if the premier met the U.S. president.

Sadr's faction, which helped elect Maliki to his post, denounced his visit to see Bush as "a provocation to the Iraqi people." It was not clear how long the boycott would last.

This is such a total embarrassment to Bush that he probably wants to STAY out of the United States.

Our puppet in Iraq just decided that it was more important to listen to Al-Sadr than George W. Bush.

Bush isn't even liked by people that he installed himself.

It is not possible for Bush to look like more of an abject failure than he now looks.

Bush was going to go to Jordan to show how important he still was.

But the Prime Minister of Iraq decided that an Iranian cleric was more important than he was.

This duck isn't lame - it's paraplegic.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Maliki is afraid that Bush will tell him that he's "doing a heckuva job" - which means he's about to get fired.