Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Letter to Schumer

I recently received a letter from Senator Charles Schumer on behalf of the DSCC asking for money to help elect Democrat in November.

I just sent him this (in their Business Reply Envelope):

Senator Schumer:

I have recently received from you and the DSCC a request for money "so we can elect Democrats and take away Bush's rubberstamp."

Senator Schumer, simply put - unless you back Senator Feingold's call for censure, you aren't getting a dime out of me.

I am tired of hearing you guys tell me what you WILL do or WOULD do if only you had the majority. What are you doing NOW?

If you don't take a clear and principled public stand while you are in the minority, you aren't going to GET the majority. You don't need money - you need a spine.

It's not enough to say that IF you get the majority, you'll do something. People judge you on your current actions, not your worthless promises.

The Democrats don't even seem to trying to SLOW DOWN Bush's rubberstamp. They aren't even standing up and being counted.

What the hell are you all so afraid of? Bush is EXTREMELY UNPOPULAR. The American People OPPOSE this crap in Iraq. Why are YOU afraid to? The American People OPPOSE illegal wiretaps. Why are YOU afraid to? The American OPPOSE selling the Government to lobbyists. Why are you afraid to?

Why are you afraid of coming out LOUDLY and CLEARLY as opposing total incompetence and criminality? What the hell will it take?

You send ME these stirring letters detailing all the rotten things that Bush has done. Well, parden for asking, but why are you telling ME? I KNOW all that. I'm on your frigging mailing list. We call this preaching to the choir. Why the hell aren't you saying these things to the GENERAL PUBLIC? To the newspapers? To the press?

The people in the White House are plain criminals. If you meekly refuse to try and do anything about it, why would I support you?


If you don't, then you don't deserve MY support, and I will gladly work to have you replaced with REAL Democrats who will actually behave like an opposition party.

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