Saturday, May 24, 2008


Pretty much the entire 8th-grade of School 318 in the Bronx has decided to protest Standardized Testing. They turned in blank papers. All of them.

Not on tests that actually count. That's the problem. They don't. They are "practice exams," and the students are being used as unpaid guinea pigs by the companies that make the tests. If they fill in all the bubbles in a satisfactory manner, then the company sells the test to schools in the suburbs. Three hours taking a test that doesn't matter, and that benefits them not at all.

So they told the school to go take a flying fuck at the moon. (Hey, it IS the Bronx, ok?)

Kids today - chips off the old block, ya know?

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jordan bailey said...

This is amazing! I hope some smart school snaps up that teacher. And despite the blathering of the school officials, those kids are some of our best hopes for the future.

Anybody want to take bets on how many of them end up being political bloggers? :)