Thursday, May 15, 2008

50-state strategy

Guess what party just won a seat in Mississippi?


And it wasn't close. Childers won with 54% in a place where the Republican got 66% just two years ago.

"The victory by Travis Childers, a conservative Democrat elected in a once-steadfast Republican district on Tuesday, was the third defeat of a Republican in a special Congressional race this year. In addition to foreshadowing more losses for the party in November, the outcome appeared to call into question the belief that Senator Barack Obama of Illinois could be a heavy liability for his party’s down-ticket candidates in conservative regions. Republicans had sought to link Mr. Childers to Mr. Obama in an advertising campaign there."

This, coupled with John McCain trying to be an environmentalist and setting a timetable for Iraq withdrawal, tells you one thing: the Republicans have George W, Bush around their necks like an albatross, and are getting desperate to shake him off.

Sorry - that carcass stinks too badly.

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