Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Most Americans oppose fully funding President Bush's $190 billion request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a sizable majority support an expansion of a children's health insurance bill he has promised to veto, putting Bush and many congressional Republicans on the wrong side of public opinion on upcoming foreign and domestic policy battles.

So why the hell are the Democrats so scared to do what people want them to do?

Why in the hell does NO ONE in Washington actually interested in doing what Americans WANT?

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Karl said...

Since you ask, Iggy, I shall answer: Because this is a dictatorship. And as soon as the next false-flag domestic terrorist operation (either presently being planned or basically ready-to-go)is executed, martial law will be declared, and the de facto police state will be made official. Everything is in place--most notably the Patriot Act-- thanks to all the rich traitors in Congress and the docile, obedient sheep that comprise the American citizenry.