Monday, October 15, 2007



jordan bailey said...

Oh, this is good.

mrclark said... her parents can afford a cool handheld video camera, download the video to a computer, mix it with some video editing software, spend time with her on a beach, have the time to join several anti-Bush pro Democrat organizations, upload the video and viralize it to Democrat minions for their blogs...

most of the things I've mentioned cost money...the others don't, they just cost time. no wonder her parents don't have any money to pay for her operation... They're too busy using their little darling as a prop-aganda tool.

how sweet. how loving. what liars.

Iggy said...

Yeah, moron, if you can afford - or borrow - a hundred dollar camera, you don't need HEALTH CARE.

Holy crap, you people must be the biggest pack of morons walking the planet.

But keep smearing a two-year-old. It shows America what morally bankrupt pieces of trash now infest the Republican Party.

mrclark said...

c'mon...Goebbles did a better job at cheap propaganda than Democrat trolls.

Funny thing is...idiot drooling lipshanked 'patriots' (heh) like yourself actually buy into it.