Monday, July 02, 2007

Bush just commuted Libby's sentence.

The conviction stands, but Libby won't spend a day in jail.

Maybe this will wake the Democrats up, and make them realize that impeachment is the only solution, since the Bush administration is utterly lawless.

It's up to the Democrats to bring this country back to the rule of law.


Ted W said...

I am feeling rage. Not anger, rage.

If the Democrats don't get this guy, they are not worthy of my vote either.

I realize this may be unpopular on a site like this, but if the Democrats don't "man up" and get this SOB, my vote will go to a 3rd party (most likely Green) next election.

It is absolutely astonishing what the Democrats, the press and the people are LETTING Bush get away with.

As usual, Iggy, thanks for your site and your voice.

Kelly said...

I'm sickened, but not surprised at all.
Bush just proved what his detractors have been saying for the past 6 years.
Only the poor, blacks and brown people deserve jail.
If you're white, a Repugnicant, and willing to take one on the chin for Cheney, you won't spend a night in jail.
Can't you just hear all the conservatives now? "Clinton lied and didn't do any time!!!"
Of course they'll omit that the only thing damaged was a blue dress, not the safety of an undercover CIA operative.
The way this administration wipes it's collective ass with the constitution makes me want to heave until my eyes bleed.