Monday, September 19, 2005

North Korea

BEIJING -North Korea agreed Monday to stop building nuclear weapons and allow international inspections in exchange for energy aid, economic cooperation and security assurances, a breakthrough that marked a first step toward disarmament after two years of six-nation talks.

Well, THIS at least appears to be good news.

Notice how much differently Bush behaves when the press stops giving him a free pass, and when he actually has something to lose.

It FORCES him to do the right thing and behave like a human being who is capable of compromise and negotiation. Instead of like the divisive guy who has been saying "screw you" to everyone for five years. And look at the result - actual progress.

Some of the right-wingers are beside themselves that Bush has behave like such a flip-flopping little wimp. Those lunatics WANT him to antagonize everyone and start more wars.

Bilateral talks? We USED to be against them. Now they are OK.

Light water reactors? Well, we said that they couldn't have them in 2002. But that was then, this is now.

Energy assistance for North Korea? Yep.

A guarantee of security? For a member of the Axis of Evil? Sure, no prob.

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