Friday, June 06, 2008

Phase II, in which Doris gets her oats

“Before taking the country to war, this Administration owed it to the American people to give them a 100 percent accurate picture of the threat we faced. Unfortunately, our Committee has concluded that the Administration made significant claims that were not supported by the intelligence. In making the case for war, the Administration repeatedly presented intelligence as fact when in reality it was unsubstantiated, contradicted, or even non-existent. As a result, the American people were led to believe that the threat from Iraq was much greater than actually existed.” - Jay Rockefeller, commenting on the Phase II report on Pre-War Intelligence

Here's the actual report.

When asked about this, Dana Perino said (ready?):

"PERINO: That dissent amongst experts within the intelligence community at some level did not reach the president."

Wow. The President of the United States was out of the loop.

Some defense.

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