Friday, August 17, 2007

Pooooor George

They made fun of his CLOTHES.

Saith Think Progress:

After Marques Harper of the Austin American- Statesman wrote a short style piece critiquing Bush’s choice of clothing while he down’s on the Crawford ranch, noting that lately “he’s opted to look more like ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ than a sweaty, tough ranch hand.” Harper said after the article appeared, the White House called to express its disdain:

Harper received a phone call that morning from White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino, who, Harper told friends, said the president read the article and was unhappy about the way he was portrayed.

And you KNOW that strutting around in costumes is about the only damned thing he cares about. Obviously, they wounded the little boy's vanity.

(By the way, George, that get-up really DOES look pretty damned dorky. Most of us stopped being impressed by crap like that when we were sixteen.)

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Jason said...

Iggy, you are a grade A, 100% pure ignorant jackhole. Here's the flight path that Flight 93 took before it crashed:

Notice that, as Alec already pointed out, it came in from the NNW (with North being perpendicular to the Pennsylvania-Maryland border).

So who's the numbnuts again?